Port: Sitia Crete

The capital of the municipality of Sitia is one of the most pleasant and picturesque towns in Lasithi, that despite the tourism development still offers tranquil and peaceful holidays.

Sitia is built around the beautiful harbour and the blue gulf, with views to the mountains on the south. The whole area around the town is a contrast with high mountains and valleys, caves and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. A combination of Mediterranean and African scenery, warm and dry at places, but cooler and mild at others.

The port of Sitia is available for passenger ships that connect the island with Piraeus and other islands, but the plethora of fishing boats are the ones that give the unique charming ambience to the area.

The Kazarma Castle is the most impressive monument in the town of Sitia, built by the Venetians during the last byzantine years and is a peaceful yet imposing place that reflects its rich historical past