Can people with reduced mobility/disability travel?


If you have reduced mobility or any disability then in order to enable you to be carried safely you are required to provide as much information as possible at the time of booking .The Carrier may refuse passage to anyone who has failed to notify of any such disabilities or who in the Carrier’s and or Master’s opinion the passenger cannot be carried in a safe and or dignified and or operationally feasible manner or where the design of the vessel makes carriage difficult or impossible. In order to avoid disappointment you must always be accompanied by an attendant who will be responsible to provide all care and assistance you may need. The Carrier cannot accept any further responsibility due to your condition.

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2day Holyland - Israel

2day Holyland - Israel

from € 275

2day Holyland - Israel

2day Holyland - Israel

from € 275

3day Mykonos with overnight

3day Mykonos with overnight

from € 295




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